You don’t know what you don’t know. And you don’t even know you don’t know it.

Donuts organized neatly

In general, I am a fairly neat person. I used Marie Kondo’s tidying method on all my belongings at the beginning of last year, and in October read her most recent book Joy at Work, and used her method again on my workspace.

Everything sparked joy.

A Stumbling Start

This past March I…

When in doubt, focus out.

What I’m most scared of regretting when I’m older is not doing the things I feel called to do.

I check in with myself daily asking, “am I doing (or not doing) anything that I’ll regret later on?”

So many of us are avoiding something, be it a relationship, a…

Letting go of past choices to be the person you want to be

Desk with two shelves, neatly organized

The workday is about to start. I spray my favorite relaxation mist around my desk and light a jasmine incense on my favorite backflow burner. This is how I signal to myself that it’s time to work.

My desk is clear of anything I don’t need in my current project…

Putting our careers first and moving to where we want to be.

Trusting myself is something I’ve been actively working on for about four years now. It’s taken me a long time to see myself as a capable adult who doesn’t need hand-holding.

Sitting here right now and looking at my current situation, day to day activities, and future plans, I have…

Leveraging my most recent layoff to pursue what I actually find joy and fulfillment in

Social media is a “cool” industry to work in and everything, but after the first few months, it’s only still “cool” if you actually love it. I did not.

I saw a tweet the other day that was like a mirror. It shouldn’t have surprised me like it did because…

Steve and I recently got back from spending eight days overseas, which included going to the Tomorrowland EDM Festival in Brussels, Belgium.

It was absolutely amazing.

But Before I Get Into That

To everyone who submitted stories to us that took 2–4 days to get published, we truly apologize for the lack of timeliness. Our hotel…

For every down, there’s an upside-down loop.

We are closing in on month 3 of starting our own business. There’s been plenty of ups, and there’s also been a few downs. The downs haven’t been bad per se, but enough so to be considered a down. They serve as a reminder of what’s on the line (our…

Daring to invest time and energy on my own happiness

I was laid off as part of a reduction in workforce three weeks ago.

And I’ve never been happier.

I hadn’t been happy for the last 9–12 months of the job, simply going through the motions of commuting to work, getting everything done and seeing a paycheck deposited into my…

Melissa Berdine

Angeleno, editor, email marketer, and a lover of the oxford comma.

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